Monday, August 16, 2010

Working, working it!

Here are some more Wandi Witch bodies. I also did their arms. I have six more to cut out and be ready to stuff. They're going to be goth witches, if that is such a thing. If not, I've made it up. My friend Maya likes the fabric I've chosen for them. Right now I'm in an in between stage. Lots of parts, not much finished but that will change this week. I want to start painting faces.

Here are some underpants. They look like little bat wings.
And here are some skirts. I ran out of black thread today. It was a horrible feeling, I mean, how can you make Halloween things without black thread? Not even a back up. I thought that maybe I would have enough 'til the weekend but no. Not even enough to wind a bobbin. So I had to make myself presentable and run to the store. Another hot and muggy day and I had to get dressed again. Of course the zone had been broken and it took awhile to get back into it. There will be more later in the week. Have a good one.

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