Monday, August 2, 2010

Awesome August

Here are a lot of parts. I stuffed all but 3 of the bodies today. I should really be getting some muscles now. They are a small portion of what's in store for the expo. I'm getting very excited about it. So many things to do and I've got 2 lists going.

These are Wandi Witch legs. You can see that there are more in the first pic. I keep losing count so there are about 30 something pairs.

Wandi Witch heads and yes, they were rolling today. Try corralling several heads that kept falling off the table. And disappearing. Good thing I swept or they'd be wrestling dust bunnies. I missed a pic. I'll put it on the next post.

The evening is still young. I'm done with stuffing for awhile though. I will work on my skele pirate armature. He's going to be big. A big challenge.

For the expo, I'm going with a crypt by the sea theme. Gotta do the Halloween peeps and pirates. I want to get all body parts and bodies done this month and costumes next. Of course this is subject to change depending on my fancy or neurotic tendencies. Or both. Plus, I'm working on my manuscript. Call me crazy!


Kim said...

you may be crazy....but you're my kind of crazy!! So awesome that things are going well for you Wendy- it makes me so happy to see all these body parts ♥ (how creepy did that sound??!!)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Not creepy at all. Thanks Kim. You're the best. Your comments along with others keep me going. A friend in CA was curious about my parts and thought it was funny but always missed seeing them. So I posted parts for her and she said she laughed and liked them. Now she knows what I'm talking about. :)

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