Monday, August 9, 2010

He's Got Legs!

This will not be his final pose. He looks like he should be in a circus on a high wire or something. What we have here is a wire armature covered with wool batting. Not too sure if I like this brand but it's what I've got. Disregard the wire between his legs. Although he will be given proper parts. Yes, it's late but I had to post this. I have to start looking for a chest for him to sit on or a small barrel. He will be holding a tankard of rum. It's a given.

On the lighter side, I sewed some Wandi Witch bodies and arms to go with some of the heads. I don't want to count how many heads I have right now. I really do think they're multiplying along with the bunners. I also needle felted 3 sets of Koji Bear arms. Now I have to work on chapter 5 of my manuscript a little before bed. It was a good day considering I got a late start and I broke down and turned on the AC. We're going to be steamy the whole week. Fine.

I am feeling pretty good right now. Bad Wendy is becoming a whisper. Creative Mojo Man has his hood on and looking like an Art Deco scarecrow. Didn't take a pic because I don't know if I like it or not. He can't say anything 'cause he's got a hood on.


Ascension said...

Seguro que quedara perfecto en el baul o el bidon.
Estas haciendo un trabajo precioso!!!
besitos ascension

Abi said...

Wow! you have been soooo busy! Looking forward to seeing those Wandi Witches...

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