Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doll & Teddy Bear Expo

Okay! Had a really good time at the expo. Here's me and my table. That's my mom behind the tree of skulls. She was trying to hide but it didn't work. She came down to help me put finishing touches on things and help me at the show. We froze the first day. Had parkas and sled dogs the next.

The top pic is a close up of part of my table. Blogger isn't allowing me to comment where I want to. Beneath that pic is my Witch Bunner. The Voodoo Bunner pic didn't come out well, but I will take another and post it soon. Love them both.

This is one of my Masquerade Bunners. The mask is felted. I will get more and better close-ups of them. I guess it was more of a doll show, my bunners got some interest but didn't sell.

Close-up of some of my Goth Girls. The witches flew off the table and I sold a few skull ornaments.

Me and Gregg Ortiz. I met some really cool people there and we just cracked each other up. Good thing we weren't neighbors or they would have to separate us.

Monica Reo and one of her lovely ladies.

Me and Monica. We met many moons ago at a doll show, when I was just starting out. She was very encouraging. I took watercolor classes from her mom who was a wonderful paperdoll artist.

Mark Dennis and his creations. I just love the movement of his work. He offers classes but I need a few more shows to fatten the coffers to take one. His class is on my list of things to do.

I tried to get a close-up of one of his pieces. This is Pele and her sister, earth and water.

Here's Katherine Hallam of Katie Rae Bears all the way from England. She's going to be having her own bear show next year. I'll have to keep an eye out on that show. Sounds like a road trip to me.

Deana Ellis of Wiley Bears and Felted Fantasies. Way cool felted work and she's nice to boot. All the way from Oregon.

The show for me was very successful and I'm planning my next big one. I like the ones that are connected to conferences or conventions. I met extremely nice artists and made many new contacts and networked like no body's business. I am so ready for the next show. I was pooped beyond belief the last day, but I did it. I worked and I participated.



Allison, said...

Good to see you posting again Wendy and congratulations on the show! I love your bunners and Goth girls. I would like to make enough stock to book a table at a local fair but my problem is that I hate to part with my creations!!! Result is an overcrowded home and no money :( so gotta get over that x

Ascension said...

Muchas gracias por las fotografias, ha debido ser genial estar alli.
besitos ascension

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Hi Ascension!
Ha, ha Allison. I know how you feel but I'm at a place where I want the money. There are things I want to do and places I want to go. It is hard parting with my babes but I get to buy more supplies and meet more cool peeps. It was difficult parting with my Voodoo Bunner but other things call me.

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