Monday, November 29, 2010

Wandi Updates

Snowflake and elf print Wandis.

I was able to get more done on my Winter Wandis. They now have their heads and legs on. Now I have to finish stuffing arms and get them on. Someone mentioned that she never sees anything finished but always in progress. She shall remain nameless. Where have you been lady? Click on dolls and you'll see everything that is complete. ;)

I have one art commission to complete today, because it's driving me nuts, and I need to get it in the mail. Then I have one more project to finish up before I can concentrate on new designs for next year. Such as:

Pirates, mermaids, more skellies, and things that fly. I'm so happy that I have a one woman show in October. You know what that means? Halloween stuff. Yee haw! My first exhibition show in 2011 is in February, and the first real show is in May. It's looking to be some line-up for next year and a play niece is getting married in June.

These final two projects are like balls and chains around my neck. I guess I better get to work. Take care all. Have a great week!

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Ascension said...

Que adelantada vas, te estan quedando preciosas.
Que cantidad de proyectos e ideas tienes para el proximo año.
Espero que todo se te cumpla como tu deseas.
besitos ascension

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