Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beatrix's Hat

I finally got Beatrix's bat hat done. Along with her face and hair. She fits well on her stand, maybe now I can finish her. She is the third in the Ghostie Girl series.

She looks a little bit distressed because she's had a great time at the Bat Festival and has had way too much to eat, drink, and too many trips on rides that go up and down and turn around.

There is a bat button on the cuff of her felt hat. The first one I made was too small for her very round head. The second one was way too big. Sounds like another story doesn't it? The third one was just right but then I sewed the white band on wrong and had to do some creative stitching. Now she needs her cotton candy and toys she won playing the games.


Kim said...

Beatrix is a stylin party gal! I love her Wendy- especially love the colors you used! You make me want to get in the art room- I feel like I've done nothing but garden for forever! The garden is finally looking better though :) Happy Creating!!!!!!

The Red Angel said...

Ahh Beatrix is adorable!!! I don't know why but I really like her hair. :) It looks between orange and gold--so cool! Also her dress is rather stunning...I am loving the pattern. :)



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