Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Six Years!

Six years ago this month, I moved from Michigan to North Carolina. My life had been in a holding pattern and it didn't look like it was going to get any better. For several years there was a massive migration of Michiganians to other places. I knew I wanted to get back to my artwork and I knew that it wouldn't happen in my home state. So I packed up my truck and headed south. That year, 51,000 people left the state.

I knew one person when I got to North Carolina. My friend Jon had been bugging me to come visit him. We met in Japan. I decided not to just visit but to move. He helped me get a place and my new adventure began. I had to learn my way around. I started hanging out in the Arts District, meeting people so they would remember me for any job that may come up. Finding places to show my work or sell it. Whatever free even I could find, I went to. I was a little afraid but very hopeful.

The first friend I made was Marta. She also moved to NC from Arkansas that same year. We met at a writer's meeting. My second friend I made was Maya, who saw something in me that I hadn't yet seen in myself. They are still my friends. I have made a few more friends and many more acquaintances. I've learned new things and a lot more things about myself. That I am brave, determined, resilient, bold, talented. I can say that I've worked my butt off in the past six years. I've done doll shows, made dolls for an independent film, have my dolls in several shops and galleries, and almost have my kid's book edited.

I have traveled a bit of the state. I've been to the coast, the foothills, and the mountains. I've even been to my first National Park. There are many more places to visit, like Asheville.

The foundation has been laid. I'm so proud of myself. All my hard work is paying off and I'm ready for the next part of my creative journey. I do hope you hang around to see what happens next in my world.


Kim said...

Wendy- I know how scary moving must have been- you have come so far and I am proud to be your friend and proud of all your hard work! You rock girl!!!!! I look forward to seeing what you accomplish this year :) Hugs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, it fills me full of inspiration and reminds me that dreams can come true. Love it. :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. I can't wait to see what I do too in the next 6.

Glad I could inspire you Anonymous.

The Red Angel said...

Hey Wendy! I totally understand where you're coming from...I moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina when I was seven and I still remember how much it changed my life. Moving from the north to the south was crazy and I used to wish I could go back to Boston, but I've realized that I really do love it here too. And I'm glad I got to grow up here.

Can't wait to see what it is in store for you in the future!

Also thank you for the comment on my blog. I think it's so cool that your friend is making a bag for you! DIY projects are the greatest.

-(the other) Wendy Lu :)

The Red Angel Blog

Glenda Hoagland said...

Hello Wendy, I could relate to your move. In 2007 I moved from Michigan to Henderson, NV. It was five years on May 1st.

We also happen to be cousins. My maiden name is Barber. I believe your grandfather Seymore was my grandfather Frank's brother.

Your grandfather was known as Uncle Coot to me and I loved him a lot.

You have accomplished a lot. If you read this comment, check out my blog

Keep up the wonderful work

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Hey Glenda. I'm having a hard time getting to your blog. Another family came up. Glad to have met you. I'll have to try again.

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