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Bat Santa Ornaments

Getting ready for a show this weekend. Here are my Bat Santas. I'm more Halloween than Christmas, so here's a little mix of both.

Merri the Water Wing Mermaid

Merri is a little mermaid who like watching the human children swim with water wings. So she made her own. She is mixed media - Creative Paper Clay, FastMache, Rigid Wrap, over batting, masking tape, and wire armature. She is painted with acrylic paints and her hair is upholstery trim and fancy yarns using Mary Sanders Lazenby technique. Thanks Mary. I had fun doing her and I'm ready to make another one.

Merri's permanent home is in the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Stop by and say hi.


This past Saturday I went with a friend and her two daughters to the annual Bookmarks Festival of Book and Authors.  I was going to go, then I wasn't going to go, then I decided to go.  I'm glad I did because I saw people I hadn't seen in years, both writers and artists.  I sat in on two authors, saw a ton of books I wanted to get but didn't.  It was an all day event and I got to meet, get an autographed book, and a pic with Craig Johnson.  He is the creator of the Longmire series that the TV series is based on.  He is very funny, personable and not too bad to look at.  As usual, I have a lousy pic of myself but I had a blast!

On My Table

Next on the list, and it is the most amazing and long list, are some ghoulies.  I think it was Maya who called them Wendy's Ghoulies and both she and Amanda gave me some ideas for these little critters.  They are also going to be ornaments.  This is my year for ornaments.  I going to be a blubbering chicky by the end of the month.

Their faces will be painted.  You'll just have to check back to see how they will be painted.  It's one of the purposes of the blog.  To create and challenge myself.  Have a spectacular week folks!


I finally got my button skull ornaments done.  I don't think I'll be making anymore like them.  I did go through my stash of buttons and now I have a bunch of medium to large buttons left.  Hmm...  Anyhoo, I got them done and two have been sold already.

I still haven't figured out a way to crop my pics.  I do so miss my old program that allowed me to do it right after I uploaded pics.  I haven't figured out how to do it in Picassa yet, my mind is on other pressing things right now, so please forgive the upcoming pics.

Good Grief! Another Month

Hello September! I know.  I can't believe it's another month already.  My niece I helped bring into the world is six months old now. She can pull herself up, and is doing a weird crawl. In other words, she's mobile.  I did okay last month considering my laptop crashed.  I was able to not sit for long periods of time, getting up to stretch and drink lots more water.  It was tough at first making myself get up more often and it helped with me being stiff.  For this month I'm going to give up potato chips.  Not that I eat lots anyway, my body doesn't really like them anymore. So I'll try to eat more fruit and add some nuts. This is what I had on my list for last month. finish one more quilt top, make another blouse for meread three books - read two booksMap Hunter III rough drafttwo short story rough drafts - one short story rough draftfinish my socks - worked on the socksgoo gobs of Halloween stuff - 9 Cauldron Critters, 12 button skull ornaments, started 10 ghouli…