Sunday, September 1, 2013

Good Grief! Another Month

Hello September!
I know.  I can't believe it's another month already.  My niece I helped bring into the world is six months old now. She can pull herself up, and is doing a weird crawl. In other words, she's mobile.  I did okay last month considering my laptop crashed.  I was able to not sit for long periods of time, getting up to stretch and drink lots more water.  It was tough at first making myself get up more often and it helped with me being stiff.  For this month I'm going to give up potato chips.  Not that I eat lots anyway, my body doesn't really like them anymore. So I'll try to eat more fruit and add some nuts. This is what I had on my list for last month.
  • finish one more quilt top, 
  • make another blouse for me
  • read three books - read two books
  • Map Hunter III rough draft
  • two short story rough drafts - one short story rough draft
  • finish my socks - worked on the socks
  • goo gobs of Halloween stuff - 9 Cauldron Critters, 12 button skull ornaments, started 10 ghoulies and 2 skellie pirates.  I also make 10 angel ornaments, I know they aren't Halloween but they do sell.
  • a painting a week, does not include sketches or practice pieces, yeah that may be harsh but we'll see
  • finish my mermaid - got her body formed

Not bad but not great.  I was really stressed out about my laptop.  And then when I got it back, I had to re-install things.  Still working on that.  But I'm ready for the new month.  Still working on things for two shows this month and I will be forming costume workshops for Old Salem this month too.  I'm also participating in 29 Faces.  Yes, I'm a nut case but I'm starting to have fun.  Pics soon.

I won't do a list for this month because it's going to be so crazy and Halloween is next month.  But I will keep up on my posts.  Have a great last summer holiday and week.

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