Thursday, March 27, 2014

Money Saving Tip

I usually don’t have these. But I’ve found out that when you think you’ve used up the last of the lotion in a pump bottle or tube, you haven’t. I meant to post this some time ago but forgot to take a picture. So here it is. Do not throw that bottle of lotion away, especially if it’s in a plastic container as most are these days. Take some sharp scissors and carefully cut the bottle halfway down to remove the top portion. When it’s off, you can see down into the bottle and determine if you need to cut more of the plastic. You can then see how much more lotion you have in the bottom of that bottle. They make these things opaque so you can’t see that there’s still lots more you can use, instead of running out to the store to buy more when you think the thing is empty.


As you can see, there’s a lot left in this container. A good couple of days worth, if not more. So, take the time to see how much more lotion you have in that bottle before tossing it. After taking the top off, cover with a sandwich bag or some Cling Wrap and a rubber band.

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