Friday, March 7, 2014

7 March -No pic post

Gonna make this short but it's happened again. Last month was okay with a big online art challenge and getting other things done. It was great and the adrenaline was coursing. I was happy and excited. Well, things ended February 28 and the adrenaline went away and I crashed. At least this time, I didn't crash and burn. With a couple of explosions thrown in for good measure. It took me two days to get back in the swing of things and looking back on past experiences, that's pretty good.

I like having challenges. Something to work towards or for. If it helps me out in the process (financially), that's a bonus. But when the event is over, or the deadline met, I feel lost. The rush is gone and it takes a long time to build it back up again. There's nothing like getting into your zone. It's exciting and freeing and it makes you feel like you can solve all the world's problems and conquer the universe. But when the task is over and the surge of adrenaline is gone... poof... just gone, it can be bad. In the past, the crash would be so bad that I would cry for days, crawl under a blanket and suck my thumb. Okay, maybe not suck my thumb but rock back and forth. How would I get that fantastic feeling back? It took a couple of years to figure out what was going on and prepare for it. Now, instead of taking weeks to recover and get on with the next project, it's days.

Things that help me out or get into the next thing:

  • start a project right before the previous adrenaline rush ends. That won't give me time to think about which project to start next. It won't give me time to be overwhelmed by all the projects I want to do. All 586,439 projects. Okay, not that many. Just wanted to see if you're paying attention. 
  • Listen to someone's voice. I have several friends who have amazing voices. I don't have to tell them what's wrong, just that I needed to hear their voice. And then they make me laugh and it puts me in a different frame of mind to get back to work, to keep going.
  • Do a marathon of really bad movies. This is new. I've been watching disaster flicks. Most make me laugh. I know they aren't supposed to do that but they're so bad, that's all you can do so you won't try to sell dust bunnies online. They just make me feel like I can create anything.
  • Pick something to do at the bottom of my list. And I have a very long list. Something I totally forgot that I was going to do. 
It's just a matter of time before I'm back into my zone. That, I KNOW. I will get a group of projects going to make sure my adrenaline is more on an even keel than extreme spikes that can knock down a raging T-Rex. How do you deal with your adrenaline spikes when working on something special or for a deadline? What do you do to stay in your zone on a regular basis?

I guess this wasn't short after all. Ha! Until next time. It will be soon. Create everyday. Doodles count too.


Steven W. Dunn said...

Hello My Friend!

So, you're in one of those "muse-less" phases. Your report of this time and your solutions to getting back into the "groove" are much appreciated for their honesty and openness.

My solution to what may seem an uninspired passage of time (no self assignments or commissions) is to allow myself to "play" with any medium or idea/thought that might present itself-and I do mean play; just as a child would play with whatever mediums given. Many times this leads me into a whole new area or idea to explore. It also may give me a fresh new way of seeing and developing what I was lastly so absorbed in creating. Also during this seemingly uninspired time, I do anything and everything that is related in anyway to what I most love: art-take that and play! Maybe play with reorganizing your studio; looking at inspiring images; preparing generic elements of your craft for future projects (like, for me, stretching and sizing canvases). Anything, anything related to your art/craft may help. The other thing that I may do is to let myself enjoy the freedom to "be" and inhale and experience the elements and beauty of this environment that we have chosen.

I so much enjoyed your month of faces-What and imagination! You are a joy to know and inspire me to continue to look within myself and create.

Your friend

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Those are good things to try Steven. Especially playing with things I normally don't work in. I've done that but right now I really need to get things done because the 'Bill Demon' is at the door. I can't spend too much time playing because I really need to get things out there. Maybe if I could put the play in between getting things out will help.

You do inspire me too and I truly appreciate your tips. I will work on incorporating them into my weekly creative endeavors.

Love ya,

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