Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

I've been in a creative funk lately, even though I had fun celebrating my birthday month. I was bound and determined to turn this year around and do something, so I straightened up my work space. This type of straightening wasn't procrastinating because when my work area gets to the point where I can't find anything, it needs to be fixed. Once I could see things, my mind felt clearer. I could even breath better. And the following morning, the dreams came.

We all dream. We may not remember them, but we all do it. When I was younger, I studied dreams and all scientific things going on about dreaming. I disagreed with them on some points. Since then some things have changed. They used to say that you only dream after you reach REM, about an hour once you fall asleep. Um... yeah. I can be asleep for ten minutes and have dreams of epic proportions. That's where I get most of my story ideas from. Dreams.

Another thing they used to say was that dreams were only in black and white. I haven't kept up on dream research but for me and others I've met, that was wrong. I had one nightmare in my lifetime that was in black and white. My dreams are in wonderful Technicolor. With sounds and smells. Sometimes my dreams are just fluff, sometimes I'm flying and then I crash and burn. I'm not hurt but it's telling me that I have to work something through. That's usually the case for me. I have gone years without remembering dreams (and I had been totally miserable), I know I've had them but can't remember them. But when something in my life is happening, a big change or little is coming and I need to think things through or just not give up, the dreams come. Fast and furious like.

After I cleared the clutter in my creative work space, it seemed to allow the creative flood gates to open and thoughts in my mind to get going again. But two mornings ago, I couldn't remember the dreams. There were about four or five, one right after the next. Some were long and others short. I try to remember what's going on in my dreams so I can analyze them because they usually tell me something. What to do next, which direction to go in, what to decide but... my alarm went off just when something was going to happen. Gah! Sometimes if I just stay still I can remember bits and pieces. Nope. Not this time. It was crazy too. A whirlwind of 'what the heck' things.

Then things in real life started to change. I became productive again. Got a new longarm job. Got a positive response from a quilt shop owner for her to send some business my way. Got a message that another longarmer is sending business my way. The rough draft of my short story is almost done. The top of a wall hanging I started many moons ago is on its way to be finished. And I'm being consistent with what I do. My down time in between projects is getting shorter. Meaning, when I get to a certain point where I need to think about a project more before continuing or I get tired, I just don't turn on the TV and waste the rest of the day. I take a short break and go onto the next project. That's a good thing. I'm starting to utilize my time better. I will have pictures shortly.

Have a great day!

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