Saturday, August 29, 2015


I'm still in quilt mode which is a good thing but I took a break and attended a workshop called the Necessary Clutch Wallet. It was quite intense but everyone finished their piece. I now have my first Christmas gift done and will start two more. Those I won't be able to show because those people are on my social media.

It has pockets for credit cards, a slot for receipts and dollar bills, a zippered pouch for coins, and a spot for a cell phone.

I also put the hardware on, there are rivets, a strap, and the piece to keep the wallet closed.

I also finally got around to sewing the rest of my Bargello strips together. They are two large pieces that will be cut up hopefully this week. I've got to get this one done by Christmas too. Or at least New Year's.

Trying to keep up with posting on the blogs and get to my Halloween dolls. They're still a bit under dressed. And a few more are waiting to be born. I'm glad I have a couple of more days left in this month.

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