Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September

A brand new month and it's close to 90 degrees and humid. Gah! Summer is just hanging on and feeling a little punky. I just keep thinking about the cooler temps that are coming. I went to my Finish It challenge meeting and showed my black and white quilt top. They liked it. Now I've got to get it on the frame. The rest of the day has been a  no go. Just couldn't get my motor running but I did manage to do something for 29 Faces. Draw, sketch, paint, sculpt a face for 29 days. Usually it happens in February but there's one going on now. That's fine. I need something else to do in my day as a break. I used Derwent Watercolor Pencils. I think I'll try another with them. Maybe more blending first, then the water.

She's summer turning into autumn.

I've also started my next Sashiko piece. It's coming along quite slowly. I have a slight idea of what to do with them once I get the last design done. I think there's one more kit.

#29faces #sashiko

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