Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween Eve!

I've been busy with the new job and making my costume for a Halloween party and tomorrow night. The party was a blast and I'll be showing pics. This was the first full-size piece I made for me in over twelve plus years. I almost made myself crazy with it but realized I was supposed to be having fun with it. That it's been awhile and to enjoy. I'm plotting my 2018 costume and will start that in January and not the week before the party. I didn't make the hat but decorated it with dolls I've made and a pin I got from a doll show.

Here I am as a forest witch. The walking stick is also decorated with my work, a skull from a craft store and a stuffed rat from IKEA I got a few years back.

And I got 5th place for best costume. Not bad my first time out.

I plan on keeping the creative mojo train going this week. So much I want to do and make.

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