Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello August

A new month and I've left the creative starting gate in a flash. So many new projects going on, being started, those needing to be completed. I have a show in two months and I've got to get crackin'. So far I've got witch pins cut out and ready to be sewn. All 20 of them. I will work on them in batches of five. I have needle felted dolls to do ranging from bears to skellies to ghoulish ladies. Ornaments need to be made: bats, Day of the Dead, and skulls. And I've started some miniature figures. That should be fun. I will get pics up soon but for right now, enjoy another block of my Hop To It quilt.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Your quilt block is so beautiful- what a wonderful quilt this is going to be Wendy! Your plate sure is full- I'm looking forward to all of the eye candy I'm going to get to see! Happy August!!! Stay cool ♥

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