Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodbye July

Another month gone. I can't believe how fast this year is going by. The heat and humidity isn't helping either but the year is zooming by. I've accomplished a lot of things so far and I'm about to rev things up a notch. It's been a good month for starting my year long celebration up to my next birthday. Each month I will do something really special to celebrate my time on this planet. This month has been wonderful.

I finally walked through Heavy Rebel weekend, I visited Old Salem, saw a movie (X-Men the Beginning), went to a floral arranging demonstration/wine tasting, got chocolate from Haute Chocolates, had lunch at a new restaurant called Hutch and Harris, and went to my first National Park, Pisgah National Forest. Not bad for month one.

An old mill along the way to our destination for the day.

This is looking down the stream where we, my friends Maya and Amanda, decided to have lunch.

This is looking up stream.

This is where we parked our chairs, right in the stream. The water was chilly at first but then felt oh, so wonderful. We had veggies from gardens, smoked pastrami, corn chips, watermelon, and chocolate. While sitting in the stream, small light blue butterflies landed on my hands. It was great. Very relaxing. I also took a walk up and down the stream with Amanda and I didn't fall in. It was a great way to end and celebrate the month.

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Garnet Goldman said...

these pictures are a great little mini-vacation! nothing quite like time by a creek.

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