Monday, November 12, 2012

In Progress

It's a pain. Catching up, still working on feeling better, getting mentally back on a creative track. It's been tough. I'm working hard on not giving up because I'm so far behind. But then a part of me kicks me in the backseat to do one thing. One little thing. Because there's nothing else I want to do.

Saturday was tough. In my crazy little head, nothing seemed to be going right. Yet in between beating myself up, I managed to get something done. Too bad I can't have more days like that. I started out with this...

The core is a wet felted egg shape that I made for another project that didn't get done. Instead of tossing the egg (there are more) I decided to make something else. And I ended up with this.

He's still in progress. He will have a green cap with a brown stem and probably a red bow tie. Why him? I don't know. He spoke to me and he's determined to get done.

Block 8 of Bless This House quilt. I did change the wreath and am trying to do a little bit each day so I can stay on track.

I added some of the flowers and the heart. Now I've got to cut out bias strips to make two stems. One little bit at a time. Right?

Once again, this year will be the season of the ornaments. They're easy to do and they sell well. They make great stocking stuffers and they're cute. Here's my latest batch of angel ornaments.

I'm also involved in doll swaps and here is my doll for the Stitchin' and Switchin' USA fall swap. She will get a knitted or crocheted hat (because she wants one), a jacket and probably a scarf. Her design is based on a Penny Wooden doll. I love her curly hair but she still wants a hat. Then she'll be off to her new mom.

And wonders of wonders, I finished reading a book. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I really liked it, especially the black and white photos of the peculiar children. It is obviously a two book story and I hope he's working on the second book. It's got unusual kids in it, monsters, time travel and it's about friendship and adventure. I guess I'll have to check out his website to see what's coming up. I do recommend this book.

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Kim said...

oh how I love, love, love that pumpkin!! You are like me-I also have been saying lately that I never get anything done even though I do---it's just little bits at a time. I think you are doing great for being so sick-so hang in there and I'm patting you on the back from here. Your little doll is too adorable- and I'm glad you posted you liked that book- it's been on my Amazon wish list for awhile- maybe I'll move it to the cart next time I have some extra money. Have a good week Wendy!

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