Sunday, November 25, 2012


Here's my Bless This House block #9. I'm doing well in keeping up and I am really looking forward to having the top done the first of next year. This is the last block for the bulk of the quilt. There's a long rectangular panel at the top with a lot of stuff going on and four borders with sunflowers. Almost there.

I'm a bit further along than this but this is the only pic I've got so far. It was a challenge to stitch it onto the block fabric. Not only did I have basting guide lines, I also had two ironed in guide lines.

Slowly I've been straightening my living room and studio. At times it seems like a lost cause but I'm also clearing out my closets of things I no longer wear, or use and take them to Goodwill. I've had one bag in my truck for a couple of years. I guess I should finally take that in too.

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