Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The weather this spring has been so screwy and for the past couple of weeks, it's been messing with my creative frequencies.  I've delivered several commissions and the recipients were thrilled.  Their responses really made a few days, pumped me up, and I was ready to get on with the next project.  But Andrea, the first Tropical Storm of the season was a pain.  My curls had curls, and those curls had siblings.  It was wet. At times like mini monsoon wet.  I've been in Japan during the rainy season and it was like that.  Wet and muggy.  Yuck!  When Andrea hit the road or I should say open sea, we get something else plow through with more rain, flooding, and tornado watches. Had a massive allergy headache yesterday and I just slept.  Feeling better now but it's going to be hot and humid for the next two days.  Thanks.

Seeing that I'm not taking a vacation for my birthday month, there will be fun and new things to do.  Maya got me involved with an online game called Ingress.  Yes, I'm getting my geek on and massive competitiveness is bubbling under my surface.  First I have to level up to be considered an active player.  That wouldn't be a problem if it would just dry out!

Tonight, a local art group is having a talk about New & Old Media for artists.  It's free and I think I'll check it out.  A gallery I have work in, recently moved to a new location, and are now going to have their Open House on Thursday and I will hit up a movie at the $2.50 joint.  This week is turning out quite well for celebrating.

In between all that fun, I'm getting my giveaway piece done as well as working on more Halloween pieces.  I still have a quilt top to finish up because having parts around are driving me nuts.  And back to writing.  I would like to have my writing website up by the end of the year.  Still working out some bugs and have decided to brainstorm a bit as to how I want it set up.  Never a dull moment.  That's the key, be in the moment.

See ya!

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Kim said...

We have had more rain than usual here too-but ours has made the weather cold and makes a person want to cuddle up with a book instead of getting things done. I'm glad that your weather is trying to move on and you are creating in spite of it. Keep rocking it girl!

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