Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Re-do Babies

I’ve had these babies for some time now and they haven’t sold. Instead of tossing them, they will get a new life with more of a Halloween feel. Thought I’d take a pic of them Before the transformation. I would like the large ones to be able to sit up by themselves while holding a small cauldron for candy. I will re-work their feet and paint shoes on. The smaller prims will be witches or voodoo women and will also have painted faces and shoes. I will make sure I take in process pics.

redo dolls

I have a total of four Prims. First I will take everyone’s clothes off and hair. I will un-stuff the large doll’s legs and reshape them. I don’t know what the shape will be just yet. Something with a little heel. The Prims boots will be a little easier to do and I can add beads for buttons. There will be distressing of the undergarments and I will gesso the faces for repainting.

It should be interesting.

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