Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th- No pic post

It's Friday the 13th. I love Friday the 13th. My mom was born on a 13th and I love it when her birthday falls on one. I am not superstitious in that way. It's another day that I've been given. And I'm going to start a new chapter in my life book. I've started a new business that's slowly growing. Please check it out at

The new chapter is to get back to writing. A few years ago, I was writing like gangbusters. The words were flying out of me and onto blank pages. I was getting things done. Kid stories, Sci/Fi stories, mysteries, women's stories, fantasies. It was amazing. Then something happened. I guess it was a gradual thing, or not. Can't remember but I lost my zest for writing. I had begun to read so many negative things about women writers, writers of color, who would read my work, who would buy my work, I'm too old, and it went on and on and I stopped. Instead of finishing what I had started. A great body of work, I turned into a chicken and went back into the coop. I filed everything away. And worried.


I want my 'Eye of The Tiger' back. I thought that the stories would go away if I didn't look at them. The characters I created. They didn't go away. They stayed. They were silent but they were always around. They worried about me. Some cried and wondered about their fate. I ignored them. Others stayed by my side and waited. I neglected them. Then they went away, except one. She hung out. In a corner. While I cooked my meals. She bounced around and tried to make me laugh. She was oh so patient. One by one, the others came back. Talking to each other. Waiting their turn to be born.

Writing is hard work. Editing it to the point so someone else can understand it is even harder. But I have something to say. I have characters to put out there. I may not be a Bestseller, but someone will read my work and I hope that it touches them in a powerful way, make them laugh, cry, think about good things. The way my stories and those that inhabit them have touched me. I have apologized to them. I have apologized to myself for almost giving up. I'm still a bit scared about this whole process but they are all smiling now.

Let's cook!


Kim said...

Fabulous post! I am glad that your characters are back and demanding attention- I am glad that you are writing again and I-for one- would love to read your writing and don't give a fig about if the author of the stories I read are black, white, male or female. If you can tell me a good story that makes me feel sad it had to end then I will most likely read everything you have to write. keep on with your bad self girl!!! Write on!!!!!!

Glenda Hoagland said...

Dear Cousin, I can so relate to what you said about writing. I wrote a weekly series called Thoughts Along the Way. It was weekly scripture reflections and I wrote it for 10 years. There were about 100 on the mailing list and in 2002, I just could not write it any longer. I lost my desire to write poetry, reflections, everything.

I am so glad that your desire is returning. You have so many talents, I am so honored to have gotten to know you.

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. I will make sure you get a copy of this short story. Thanks Glenda. I'm glad I'm getting to know you too.

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