Merry March

Okay, I don't know how merry this month will be but one can dream. Most of the country is frozen solid and warmer temps are way into the future. But... we do what we've got to do. Keep on keeping on. Last month was a so-so month. At the end, I kind of got into a funk. The kind when you work hard and things don't quite turn out the way you want them to. You shed a few tears, regroup, lick your paws, crawl under a blankie, and prepare for the next day, the next month. I'm still getting out of my slump and looking a back at last month, it wasn't that bad. As far as being creative.

February projects completed
1- Gail Wilson doll kit (I finally got all four of those kits done, yee haw!)
2- Wendy B Quilts jobs
1- Personal quilt top done
1- Book read (out of 3, got to get that number up this month)
1- Day trip to the Fearrington Folk Art Festival
1- Machine applique design
10- World of Wendy Lu blog posts
8- Wendy B Quilts blog posts

For a grand total of 24 projects, goals, things to do. Ten less than in January.

So now what? Continue to get out of this slump. I am so ready for spring and need more sunshine. The days are getting longer. Until then, I will forge ahead. Practice stitching on Leonidas, keep blogging regularly, read more, and make something Halloweeny. Yes, I made that up. Here's to an early spring.


Glenda Hoagland said…
Great post Wendy, you have been busy.
Thanks Glenda. I'm working on it. I've declared this year a very creative and prolific one.

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