Tuesday, March 24, 2015

That Darn Engine

Still working on getting that creative engine fired up and running consistently. Eegads! March has not been the best month for anything. It isn't over yet. I did get some more down on my short story but I haven't finished the rough draft just yet. Maybe tonight. I have been reading though. Finished another book. I got it from the dollar store believe it or not. So far, it's my second pick from said store and I've enjoyed both books. I got a dollar! Death of a Prankster by MC Beaton and Star Spangled Murder by Leslie Meijer. I like murder mysteries and have started several myself.

I helped a friend clear out his backyard, in prep for spring and he's going to let me take over his raised garden beds so I can plant some things this year. Tomatoes, cucumbers, bush beans, and herbs. It was good to be outside and smell the dirt but I was way stiff that night and the next day. I do feel the creative juices starting to flow again. Maybe that's what I needed to help me out of this funk, was to get outside and be in some sort of nature. Even though it was only a backyard.

I still haven't finished my two Halloween dolls and maybe I can add a bit to their wardrobe. Also working on being nicer to myself again. I am way to hard on myself. Rarely cut myself any slack. After all, I am human. Not even close to being perfect, I make mistakes, fall down (which hurts) and I always seem to pick myself up and keep going. It seems to take longer to get back to get going but I eventually do. I do have a couple of fun things in the works and I will give myself a little nudge to work on them.

I am okay.


Glenda Hoagland said...

Great post Wendy. You have accomplished quite a lot in this young year. Your quilt business, working on the short story, and dolls and you are a tremendous artist. I am so proud to know you.

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thank you Glenda.

Anonymous said...

Happy early spring, Wendy! :) That was nice of you to help a friend clear out his backyard. It's still in the 50s and 60s here in North Carolina, but looks like the weather is going to get warmer this upcoming week - which means more outdoor walks for me!

And perfection is overrated ;) What's the fun in making art if we can't make a couple of flubs here and there for us to correct and make better next time around?

-Wendy Lu Writes

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Hello Wendy Lu2. You're right, perfection is highly overrated and not attainable. The deal is to enjoy the process and have a good ride.

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