Friday, March 6, 2015

No Pic Post

Six days in and only two posts. But I have been posting on my Wendy B Quilts blog. So by all means, please hop over and take a peek. I had to take apart the top for one of my Halloween dolls because it just wasn't working for me. I didn't like the print, it was too loud, so I finally took it off the doll and now she's just staring at me. Sorry kiddo. But... but, my creative mojo is coming back. It went away the last part of February and I ended up in a slight slump. Say that fast a couple of times. I am really working on my patience and business is slow. At that time I started listening to all the Bad Wendy voices ad nauseam and I finally told them to shut up.

I am okay. I've decided to live one day at a time. Enjoy my moments of quiet, creativity, just being. I am working towards something to better my life and things will happen. If I give them a chance. There are just some things that I cannot control and I need to stop trying. I am working on eating better because spring is coming and I'm ready. So far, I've lost 3 pounds. Yes, I jumped a little bit for joy. I've been practicing on my longarm machine (Leonidas) and I picked up two gigs today. Been reading on the regular and working on writing on the regular (in my journal and stories).

I have signed up to do an online doll challenge, so expect some pics soon. I have an idea and now I probably should sketch it out. The challenge is witches spells. It's a Halloween group. Get my two Halloween dolls dressed. Now that my slump is leaving me, I know why I was procrastinating with them. They are both going to be wearing hats. Hats are new for me. Nothing like a challenge.

Spring is coming. The days are getting longer. Hibernation is coming to an end. I like that. Getting a little excited. Have a good weekend!

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