Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall Again

After two weeks of rain and weird temps, we've had late summer show up once again. Very weird. Yesterday was I think 72 degrees and today in the 50s. It was very pretty out and temps are supposed to dip the next couple of days. I really like fall, autumn. Sometimes it's a very long period of time and sometimes we get a week and then it's winter. I want fall just a little while longer. My new neighbors tried out their fireplace last Saturday and I love the smell of a wood burning fire. That's part of fall for me.

I took this pic this morning. I thought it was pretty. It prepared me for the day that was coming. Boy, did I ever need this pretty picture. Because people were crazy out today. I don't know if it was because it was pretty out, warm, both. Or because the holidays are coming up and they are upping losing their minds. Some were tailgating, not stopping at stop signs, driving 20 in a 35 at the busiest time during the day Go to a park or something. Then there was the young female who hit a mail truck. Really? Not paying attention. I mean, those things are kind of big, white, have flashing lights and she plowed right into it. And the leaf guys. Shutting down roads and not having a clue as to where to direct traffic. Yeah, I love fall.

But I made it. Got another t-shirt quilt on the frame, Ran lots of errands which included the grocery store. I'm grateful I had money to go to the grocery store. But what I needed I can't eat. You know, cleaning supplies. Gah! It's all good.

And fall is coming back.

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