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Catching Up!

What's that?

I have failed at 'Catching Up'. I tried and it's a no go. And that's okay. I tried. And was driving myself nutso. Trying and failing and trying again is how life is. There are times where it gets me down but I continue to try again. Sometimes it takes awhile for me to get back on the spaceship but eventually, I do. And I'm off.

So... I've decided that I will just do. Just move forward with everything. Finish projects, continue to work on big projects, start new projects. Just do it. Because I like to do many things. That's okay. I am made up of many things. I have many interests. And that is okay. I am okay. I took a workshop to make a fancy wallet. I was planning on making a few for gifts. I made that one and that's it. I'm done with that design. It wasn't for me. I moved on to another design. I've cut those pieces out and will put them together this week. If one thing doesn't work out, there's always, always something else that will.

I will continue to work on 'going with my gut feelings' when I am working on large projects or starting new ones. If the feeling has gone, then I will move on. That is so liberating. It's taken me a long time to get here but wow! I will continue to make my lists. New projects, keep working projects, almost done projects, and just finish the darn thing.

Today is a take it easy day. I will try to work on NANO. I have been writing longhand and now I need to type it in to get an updated word count. That's about it. Last week was very trying. Truck went into the shop. No brakes. Helped a friend out who double book shows. I manned her show on Saturday. Yesterday. Got a busy week with three quilts to longarm. And then there are those lists. I'm feeling pretty good right now. Hope it lasts. At least through the week.


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