Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I'm Still Here!

I'm still here. It's truly summer. Lots of wicked lightning and thunder storms, and rain. Lots of rain. Oh, and the humidity that makes my curls curl. Ugh! Summer in the south. I know... it happens every year but geesh! I'm so ready for autumn. I do hope we get a proper one this year because each year seems to be just about summer.

I couldn't get online because my laptop crashed on my birthday. Yeah, what a month. First my truck starter needed to be replaced and then my laptop. Was not a happy camper but I'm still here. I had a nice staycation because I couldn't afford to go anywhere. I couldn't even binge watch Netflix, which was the plan for the holiday weekend. So I read. Finished two books and started a third. Of course that whole concept of life reared its head. Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Amazing how the lack of a laptop or computer or smart phone can make you sink several lows. After a few days, it didn't matter, except when I wanted to watch a movie. I cleared out more things in my apartment. Wrote a letter. Pulled out the paints.

I survived. I've had to reinstall several programs and I know I'm forgetting a few but my new computer guy got my mouse to working properly. I was afraid I would have to bury it.

So I'm in the process of getting back into create mode. Gotta get some more things off my list. Have a good one!

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