Thursday, July 28, 2016

Still Around

"Keep moving. Keep moving."
                         - Gimli

Yes, it's been that type of year. Keep moving. Never give up. Never surrender type of thing. Either extreme highs or very deep lows. I haven't given up though. Not after I needed a new starter on my truck or my laptop crashed or my vacuum in my studio broke. Yes, there's carpet in the studio. After dusting myself off and the power wash to get the grim, I got back up again. Slowly but surely I'm getting back on track. I finished up the last three of my first batch of mug rugs.

I got more Blythe dresses worked on and had a full work table. I got snaps on and will now add trim to finish them up.

And I met some cousins for lunch at Penny Path Crepe Shop. It was great catching up on just about everything and discussed the state of the planet we live on. Had so much fun and the food was good.

My writing is getting back into being a habit again too. Been working on expanding a fantasy story and working to finish the rough drafts of three short stories. Still working on the sketchbooks too. I've got a lot to do in them to get three filled by the end of the year.

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