Sunday, July 10, 2016


I have three sketchbooks that I need to fill up by the end of the year. Why? Because I should be practicing in them anyway and I can't buy new ones until I've put the work into the ones I already have. I so love sketchbooks. Big ones, little ones, medium ones, leather ones, handmade ones... you see what I mean. Someone gave me this watercolor sketchbook/journal and I decided to use it. I'm not too fond of the paper, it's Strathmore 140 pound weight, cold press. It doesn't take my watercolor paint that I use very well. It does take the Derwent Ink Tense paints quite well so I will use mostly that in this book. The top one I used Yarka watercolor paints and Ink Tense.

This one I used Ink Tense. I was trying to do bamboo but they look like antennae. That's why this is practice stuff.

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