Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hello There!

I'm really working to do more posts on my old blog but I am being challenged. The doll pins I recently finished, well, I sold seven of them so I will cut out more tonight. The next project to work on are my six mini witches. Yes, I get to a certain point and nothing gets done. Completed. I'm working on that too. I did pick out fabric for their outfits.

Not a very good pic color wise but I'll work on that too. But you can see the fall color theme I so love. I'm debating on coffee dying a few things. I know I will have to dye their bloomers because they are way too bright. I have also been sketching some new pieces too and forgot to take pics, so that should make me come back either tomorrow or Saturday. Well, time's a ticking. See ya soon.

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