Sunday, October 13, 2019

It' Fall Y'all!

The knee is getting better and I was able to take a longer walk this morning. Boy was it nice and brisk. The wind slightly blowing, the sun was out, there was the crunching of leaves underfoot. I even had my new gloves on. And I got some pretty pics.

My little niece in North Carolina, well, she's not that little anymore but she's way into dolls right now and I am so very happy about that. She has an 18" doll in need of a wardrobe. So I borrowed one from my mom as a model and I got her cleaned up, her hair washed and a little trim. I also repaired her backside. Now she's ready for some clothes. I think I will make an old-fashioned Halloween outfit. That's about all I have time for but there's still Christmas coming up and more clothes.

I was also able to get some Halloween stamps. Yes, I still do snail mail and I'm so excited I was able to get some. When I got there, to the Post Office, I was told I was the fourth person to ask for them. This was a little after opening. Who knew there were other loonies like me out there? I was shocked that the PO put them out so late but that's okay. Usually they are sold out by the time I get stamps.

Last week wasn't the greatest with getting a single project done. But the new week starts today. I've got my list and I'm ready. I've got to be especially since I'm back on limited time at the job. And the holidays are coming up. Until next time, take care of yourselves.

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