Friday, March 20, 2009

On Again, Off Again

I'm still working on bettering my creative output. I have 'on days' which can be very good and 'off days'... well, they're off. Sometimes there are more 'on days' the 'off' and that's a good thing. But when there are more 'off days' than 'on', that's when I start to worry. I wonder what's going on. Has fear secretly crept back into my subconscious because I've been doing so well? Is it my bad pixie telling me to sabotage my progress? So what do I do?

I step back to look at the whole picture. What I've accomplished in a week. It may not all be on writing or dolls, it could be something else like my applique or quilting. I've been told by another artist friend that when you feel stuck on one project that you should be doing, that it's okay to be creative in another area.

Today I will start a painting. Squeeze out some paint and put it on a canvas board. It doesn't have to look great, I don't even have to show it to anyone, just go through the process of creating. That should jump start the creativity where I need it to be. I will get back on track and keep moving forward.

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