Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Kick in the Pants

Procrastination... I can write volumes on it. Why it's done, how it's done, what you can do to get away from it. But then things happen and you know that they can be better. You know that you want better things in life, a better place to live. Then you procrastinate more. You get so worked up over what's now working that you the universe finally kicks you in the pants. The light bulb of life goes off, your eyes are finally opened. All that you wanted to do and you know will work smacks you in the face.

I read from author Larry Winget. If you don't like your job, change it. You don't like where you live, move. I get it. Again. Sometimes it takes more than once for good information to get through one's noggin. I can change things to benefit me. It has taken other events in my life to get the fire back. I'm now working on grabbing hold of the tiger again.

I have received another kick in the pants. Sometimes I just brush it off. Other times I listen but still do nothing. Today, the flame is growing. Change is the key. It hurts to change. But if it will make things better, do it. Grab hold of the tiger, increase the flame and the desire to do better. I can't remember how many times the fates, furies, goddesses, deities and the universe has kicked me in the pants. This time I am more conscious of it and will work hard to make it stick.

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