Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time Out

Being an artist/writer is a lonely business. If you're working on a project or two at a time, you're lucky if you see daylight. you do have to take care of yourself and nourish your mind and body. It is okay to take time out and be in the company of others.

I have been quite diligent with my creative work for the past couple of weeks, that at times it has been scary. When I was invited out by friends to have a beer on St. Patrick's Day, I said yes. I'll be there. It just so happened to be a nice early evening and I went after work. I got my beer and sat with friends in the sun.

Talking to others who are like minded is a wonderful thing. Others who have gone to university, traveled, have goofy family members, are current in the world's events and are also creative is a feel good thing. It felt good to be away from studio walls. It felt good to laugh at my own stories and the stories of others. It felt good to be around people you like/care about and they like/care about you in return. I'm still getting use to it. But it's okay to take 'Time Out' for me.

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