Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy March

Okay, short February is over. I didn't hit my doll goal but that's okay. It's a new month and I have new goals. Still making dolls but with everything else on my plate, the bar has been lowered. Five dolls a month. If I go over fine. Sometimes things have to be adjusted to continue the move forward. And I feel very happy right now. I feel great. Even though it snowed, the sun is out.

Yes, we got snow. Down south in North Carolina. I thought I had escaped but we got hit. And not just snow, there's ice underneath the snow. Oh yeah. Reminds me of home. Except that up north, it would take a lot more to shut us down. I'm enjoying this day, even though it is my day off.

I am looking forward to this month. Why not? It's a new month. Hope you enjoy my snow pics.

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