Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Joyful June

Well there, it's a brand new month and I can start all over again if I want to. It's amazing that this year is almost over. We're almost at the half way mark. Eegads! It's all good. It's a new month. More goals, new things to try, new challenges.

So far so good. Yesterday and today I've worked on my manuscript and new dolls. I didn't meet my quota for last month, but there's this month. I will keep at it until I make my goal. My manuscript is taking off after a short block. That wall has been torn down. Yay! Two for two. I'm feeling great.

Exercising is still going on too. It's sometimes a chore but I gotta do it. I would like to walk on a beach this season and not scare small children and old people. Those 80 and up. So there it is, a new beginning. Have a good one. I know I will.


Green Chronicles: Saving Dallas said...

Wendylu, I'm having a great time with my blog--thanks for helping me get started. You're the best. I understand how you feel about addressing the new month with new goals. Same here. Keep up the exercise; it'll make everything better.

alison overton said...

Wendy, big kudos on the art-making the the exercising. I got catalyzed into more art and exercise a couple of months ago as well, and like you, feel the benefits most excellently. XX

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