Monday, September 28, 2009

Here's some work!

Okay, I'm a day late and a couple of quarters short. Life happens but I'm getting back on track. Today was a good day and I finally finished some work. Still have lots in various stages. But I'll get to those. This is my Genie trio. I'm still working on taking pics. I think it really helps if the batteries are charged.
This is Loris. Her close up is not ready for Mr. DeMille. I will get better. I will.

This is Anther. Why Anther? I don't know, I needed a name. She's got a silk and ribbon headdress and sash. Lots of beads around her neck and for earrings.

This is Celesse (pronounced Celessa) because she sort of looks celestial in her blue. She has beadwork around her neck and for earrings too. There is gold ribbon around their ankles.
I have to work on my close ups but I wanted to get pics posted before they go into the shop. Thanks for looking.

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Jody said...

amazing .... truly wonderful

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