Friday, September 18, 2009

In Progress

Here are 2 very large heads that will turn into fortune teller dolls for the film. The heads are about 6" high each. They will be seated figures, having shaped bent legs. Their arms will also be bent and will support jointed fingers. I'll put on rings and possible fake finger nails. I will make ears to attach to the heads so they can have many earrings. I will design the body on Sunday so that I can figure out how they will sit. The feet will have toes for toe rings and sandals.
Here is the start of 2 needle felt heads. One is still an egg and the other has a nose and brow started. The dark brown is because he will have an open mouth. This is from an online class. I don't know if I like this process or not but I will keep going. I may use part of this with what I've already done on my own.
Here they are up close and woolly. More pics coming.


Jody said...

i am waiting .... the anticipation is excruciating!!!

Vickie B. said...

I really enjoy your blog, Wendykins. You are ONE busy woman! Can't wait to see the finished fortunte-tellers.

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