Friday, October 9, 2009

UFP - Pincushion

I have many U.F.P.'s Unfinished projects. I am so guilty but what's a crafter/artist to do? Try and get them done. Yes, I'm laughing at myself. I tried to finish a project before going to the next but that is so boring. Where's the thrill? The challenge?

Any hoo, I was looking for something else when I stumbled upon this appliqued pincushion. It had 3 pins in it, keeping the stuffing in and all that was needed was the final whip stitch to close the seam. I realized that that's where my straight pins are. In unfinished projects. I thought they were being stolen by apt sprites.

So I took a couple of minutes to close up the seam and now I have another pincushion because you can never have too many. I also crossed it off my list.

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