Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wandi Spring Faeries/Sprites

I am exhausted. Today was a good day. Went for a walk early this morning with my neighbor. I finished 13 cards for my cousin and got them in the mail. Started (here I go again) three new faeries/sprites. I made a doll a long time ago and she was really cute. She was an easy pattern I had designed and I thought I had brought the pattern with me when I moved out state. I didn't. Of course my mom couldn't find that pattern.

Then I thought that if I had the doll, I could make another pattern from her, so I asked my mom to find the doll. That in itself was a safari. I had her look where I thought the doll was and she couldn't find it. Two days! Then she looked on the sofa where her stash of dolls are and there she was. I asked mom to send it to me. She said that it was hers and she wanted it back. I told her that I wasn't worried because eventually, I'd get all the dolls back that I had given her. We both laughed.

I still have to tweak the pattern but it will do because I need to get something done. I'm fine with the colors and still don't know how I will dress them. Hmmm. I haven't decided if they will be faeries or sprites. Depends on what mood I'm in when the wings need to be applied.

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Kim said...

Wendy- you are doing so great on your walking- you go girl!! I love the new fairies/sprites- can't wait to see them finished. I had to laugh because my Mom does the same when I ask her to send me something I made her! Nice to know that the item is loved though- right? Hope you have a creative weekend ♥

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