Friday, April 2, 2010

April is Finally Here!

Wow! Finally. April is here. March wasn't great (I am my own worst critic) but I did manage to be creative everyday whether I finished something or not. I did it, like on my profile. Now I don't feel so bad.

I won't jump ahead of myself though. Bad Wendy hung around a good part of yesterday. I think she had Good Wendy tied up somewhere. I did manage to rally late last night and got five pages done for Script Frenzy. Less than the ten I wanted but more than the 3.33 I need per day. I've got to start being nicer to me.

I had to go grocery shopping this morning. I am grateful I had the money to do so and yes, I got something that wasn't on my list but is suppose to be good for me. I got dark chocolate. It was on closeout. They're not going to carry that brand anymore, so I got some. Okay, two for one. That'll put a smile on any one's face. That Harry Potter really had something going with the chocolate.

These guys don't look all that great. But I have three more bunners in the works. Gotta go through my mini stash and see what kind of Asian print fabric I've got. Needle felting like this is a bit different from cloth dolls. Each body has its own personality before I even pick fabric. I never got that with my cloth dolls. I would always pick the clothing fabric first, then make the doll. The outfit determined how I drew and painted the face.

I'm also getting better at moving pics around. I feel so 21st century. I just discovered I have Excel and PowerPoint on my laptop. I've had it for several months now. So terrified of pushing any button. I'm a little braver now (sporting a Wednesday Addams smile).

Now that I know I haven't blown my year. I know, it's just started, I guess I should get busy and stop being a dufus. That probably isn't a word but this is my blog.

Hugs to everyone!

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