Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is Seamus. He does have a story but you'll have to keep coming back to get it. Sorry. He's still a bit miffed at me and that's not a smile you see but a smirk as to how much I'm going to have to give up to make him a happy camper. He's needle felted and from neck to crown is about 4". He refused to be any smaller but if he isn't careful, more felt may be added to his girth by the time I'm done with him.
The latest bunners have heads. I've got tomorrow off so I guess I should give them arms. Still haven't pulled fabric for their clothes yet. I am not behind, I am not behind. Yeah, I'm trying to fool you too.

Debating on what yarn to use on my Halloween Sprites. I have to make a decision by tomorrow, they are chattering up a storm. Good Wendy is very happy, Bad Wendy is MIA. Witches are now whispering my name.

I'd also like to say hi Ascension of Mis Miniaturas, Welcome to the party.

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Kim said...

I can't wait to see more of Seamus! He has a bit of an attitude towards you, doesn't he? Love it when Good Wendy is winning out! Love it even more that witches are whispering your name! Hope your day off is productive- but even more-- I hope it is fun too ♥

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