Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fabric Box

Last night at my applique meeting, we made this little fabric box. I did not make the yo-yo flower, I haven't quite mastered the art of yo-yo making, but I did the embroidery on the leaves and the flower tendrils. I love being able to take home a finished project from a class. I will put my thread in it.

I've also caught up on my Script Frenzy. I'm at 53 pages, the mid-point and will do lots more this week. Will have to upload everything next week.

Besides the job, on today's docket are spring sprites. They need pants. I will not have them hand around for two years like the Halloween Sprites and not get done. So, I'm going to go prep my work area for this evening. Good thing I've got food already prepared.

1 comment:

Ascension said...

Un buen trabajo!!!
Le estas sacando mucho provecho a las clases, enhorabuena
besitos ascension

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