Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update Spring Sprites

I'm such a goof. I start a project and get halfway and stop. Why? Fear maybe. Self doubt. Something else. Then the pieces start talking, questioning why I haven't gotten back to them. The hard part is done. I want to get back to enjoying the fun part. The dressing, embellishing part. Yes, I would like more fancy yarns, more fabric, but I'm creative. I'll work with what I've got.

So I put the pants on my little girls. The blue pair looked stunning.
The other two, not so much. They looked so plain. I studied the blue, liking what I saw, looked to see if I had more print fabric to make new pants. The one in blue looks like she's got a shorts jumper on.

So I whipped up two more pairs of pants and they look lots better. So sweet!

Here are the first pairs of pants. I will keep them because other Wandis are on the way. This pattern will make great sailor pants. Maybe I stopped because the design I had in mind wasn't really what I wanted to do or what they wanted to wear. Bad Wendy decided to show up and tried to put a procrastination thought in my head. After all, things weren't working out, so put it away and go watch TV.

But I didn't. I continued on because they needed their pants, and once I worked through the pattern combination, the design took a different turn. Now I'm excited again. These guys were suppose to have a skirt on. Oh the creative process!

Here are the gals with the beads I've selected for them. Not the best lighting, I apologize. I found some cool beads that are striped and work well with all three doll's fabric patterns.


Kim said...

oooohhh- I can't wait to see more! I love the pants- after all, wouldn't a spring sprite want to be able to dance and jump without having to worry about modesty? Tell Bad Wendy she can take my negative healthy energy and the two of them can get out of town for awhile :) Have a great weekend Wendy!!!! Hope it is a fun one!

Allison, said...

Love these sprites, Wendy! The important thing is that you DO go back to what you start and doesn't it feel great when you finish a project?

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Allison, it does feel great to finish a project and mark it off my list.

Kim, Bad Wendy stayed the weekend and became pals with monthly Mother Nature. Feeling much better now.

Kim said...

Blast!! They are ganging up on ya! Perhaps there needs to be some butt kicking! I'm glad you are feeling better now though ♥

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