Friday, July 23, 2010

Almost a Warren

My Bunners have started to multiply. I know I need to get my new camera but it's been so hot, I don't want to sit in my car or traffic to get to the store. Maybe in another week the temps will be back to normal. I've been busy. I knew I needed to get off my rear end to get things done. So I started, again, doing just one little thing at a time. That then developed into a few more minutes, and then just outright doing the project and finishing. And when I put their ears on, I couldn't believe how cute they were. Why had it taken me so long to finish them?

This is Sachi. She was one of the two I had started eons ago. I had her dressed but she had no face or ears. You may remember her pic. But now she's done and oh so cute. The tongue sticking out is a Koji Bear thing and I'm sticking with it.

This is Miko, the other half of the first duo. I didn't know if I would like her but once her face was on, I picked her to keep.

I had sketches of the faces and different ears, so I would have something to go by and they aren't very much off. I surprised myself. These two still need their stands.

This charming pair are Ryoko and Keiko. They have their stands and are off to galleries. Keiko, in the stripes was giving me problems with her stand. I don't think she wanted to leave me. I didn't want to see her go either but bills and more supplies yelled at me.

Isn't her face just adorable? I feel like a new mom.

This is Sachi and yes, she's got a wonky ear. I did have a bunny like that in real life. Her ears kept going in weird directions and never the same way. I love her big cheeks. She was more behaved on her stand and ready for her new adventure.

All of the Bunners are needle felted with an armature. The faux kimono design is my own. I've several more in the works but now I have to blitz the apartment. Only because I have a friend coming over on Saturday and I don't want the dust bunnies (pun!) to chase her away. But once that is done, along with laundry, I'll be free to create some more. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
I'm getting excited again.


Kim said...

they are all so adorable- yet fierce :) I love them all- and each has their own personality shining through- incredible Wendy! I can hardly choose a favorite, but I think I love Sachi the most:)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. I love them all but Keiko is probably my favorite. I will also be making some with longer kimonos and obis with no vests.

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