Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jam-packed Jazzy July

Yes, that title is a mouthful. I'm not going to list what I would like to get done but just do it and share with you. Another month, boy how time is flying, no, speeding like a jet plane by. I guess it's okay to have a down month. Life happens right? Only 23 creative days last month. But I got to see my little niece and her fat cheeks.

Creative mojo isn't on the blink and has been spotted lurking in corners. Good Wendy is trying valiantly to coax him out. I've rearranged my work table and now have inspiring past works on it and my writing reference books. I guess I should take a picture.

My 'believe' factor is improving. I read that one person wrote 'believe' in different ways and posted them all over her house, in her car, and office. It's one thing to say it but another to feel it. It is scary but I know what I want and it's coming. So I believe more now. I'm beginning to feel it in my heart that I can accomplish more to be able to live the life I want to live.

Let the games begin!


Kim said...

I think your mojo will be back soon- I think it's normal it would have left with so much going on and lots of emotions this month. I wish I knew why it leaves us, but my theory is that our brain just needs a recharge and is up there putting it's foot down and demanding the break :) I believe in you too Wendy-every single time I visit your blog I feel energy, creativity and I feel excited to play. If your words can evoke that kind of emotion in someone you've never met in person- then you must be someone special ♥ Thinking about making a big believe sign for my art room now because I totally love that idea! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Kim you are a marvel. Thanks so much. I guess we do need to recharge at times. I'm glad to hear that you get something out of my blog. Actually, you keep me going too.

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