Monday, July 12, 2010

Working It

Wow! The past month and a half have been a challenge. Lost my creative mojo, then found it but the momentum is still eluding me. I have quite a few deadlines heading towards me like a runaway bullet train and I only have a spark under my butt to get out of the way.

I want my flame back! A roaring bonfire, a raging five state forest fire of productivity. I have been creating lately, it's just been with words. I'm working on finishing my YA manuscript so I can take it to a writer's conference.

I finally got my project board back on the wall. Dollies are back in their respective spots and are a lot happier. If it falls again, it will be nailed to the wall. Pieces for the expo are slowly getting done. Where's that blasted lighter and kindling? Creative mojo man is mocking me. He's stuck on my work table, I will not allow him to disappear anytime soon.

The 'want' and 'believe' factors are on the rise. I want to travel more and I beleive, in my heart that it will happen this year. I beleive that I will get it together for the expo and it will be a success. I believe I will get my manuscript finshed, polished, and find an agent. I want to have fun. There are so many things to epxlore and I want to start doing things on my bucket list.

I believe that things can be different and the only limitations are those I put on myself. So I will draw my sword and banish them.

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Kim said...

You go - your creativity warrior is ready for battle!!! I believe you can have all these things too Wendy and I'm really glad that your mojo is coming back to you.....a slow start is way better than no start at all ♥

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