Friday, December 17, 2010

Ho, ho, ho!

Here is the gang.  My first batch of Winter Wandi Dolls.  Only the two on the right are holidayish.  I saw the pom poms in JoAnn's and just had to have them.  I have six more of these lovelies to finish before I start on spring ones.

I love this fabric combo and I've used it several times on other dolls.  Plus, I bought a lot of it, so guess what?  It's going to be used until it's gone.  :D  Blues and purples are my favorite colors.  I love the snowflakes too.  This is as close to winter as I like to get.  Fake snowflakes.

The feather lash around the mob cap is knitted by none other than, me!  I haven't knitted in a month of Sundays and it was really nice.  Can't say it was soothing because I was on a deadline to get these babies done to be picked up by my art rep.  She loved them.

I'm glad she came and got them today because it would be more difficult to part with them. You know, growing attached to the offspring.

Here's that wonderful purple.  I'm going to have to invest more in purples.  No two are ever alike.  These two have crocheted hats and knitted scarves.  I've got to get more yarn too.

A bad attempt at a pom pom.  LOL

These two have feather lash knitted hats.  They were so much fun, adding to one of my better patterns.  I can't wait to show you the spring ones.  The hats and scarves just add a different touch.

The snowflakes are from the scrapbook section of a craft store.  Love those things.

These are the only two that are holiday like.  I wanted to make elves 'cause Santa just needs good help.  Again, I saw this cool fabric (I really didn't need any fabric when I went to the store but, well, you know) and I had to get it.  I immediately saw elves.  Then I saw the pom pom trim and just giggled with all the ideas rushing through my head.

Here's the back of the elves.  I didn't want a traditional elf hat, so I made it long and tied it in a knot.  They've got to keep all Santa's toy secrets in their heads, right?  All of the faces are drawn and painted by me and they all have a hanging string.  The hair is just awesome and I'm always on the lookout for it.  I can't always find decent colors.  Until next time.


Allison, said...

Your dolls are FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see the spring ones!

Kim said...

Wendy- I love them!!! The traditional elves are my favorite- I adore the knots in their hats :) I don't know how you can part with them, I would want to keep them all too. Beautiful work my friend! I wish you a very happy holidays!!!!!

Abi said...

OMG Wendy - these are all fabulous! I can't decide which are my favourites! Where do you sell them?

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Allison. Some of the spring ones will be in sailor outfits.

Thansk Kim. I wanted the points of the hats to be longer but I was running out of time. I think they left my home so fast that I didn't have time to think about keeping one. I should've kept one. :)

Thanks Abi, these ladies are on their way to a shop called the Green Goat. I am working to have my Etsy shop open Jan 2, 2011.

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