Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Show of 2010

I had my last show for the year and it went well.  It was a small craft affair at a local coffee house.  I took two dolls and a lot of ornaments.  It wasn't a doll crowd and that's okay because now I can book a table to a show in May.  Very happy about that.

Here are two fish ornaments on a tree.  Sold quite a few of those.  They are made of felt and I have ideas to make some more detailed ones.

I hate this new layout that they have.  Can't figure anything out and nothing works.  Here is a colorful clutch of felt fish ornaments.

I also did some in more real colors.  I loved using some of the thousand buttons I have on hand.  I really should get them organized more.  I'd like to put all of one color in individual containers.  I don't know if I want them in jars or plastic.

Why won't the font stay the same?  Why does it go back to a default font?  Here are the two Santa ornaments finally painted and stained.

 And last but not least, the Strolling Santa all painted.  He sold the first day of the fair.


Kim said...

congrats on a good show- I love your wood carved ornaments so much! I wish I had advice for you on why blogger is fighting with you! I'm so bad with computer things :( I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Wendy ♥

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. I don't know why it's fighting me either. I can't find where to keep the font I want. Everytime I start a new paragragh, it changes fonts on me. Drives me nuts cause the default font is so tiny. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too.

Abi said...

I'm not suprised he sold straight away - he is amazing - I love him!

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